About the Girls

Tater and Momma

Momma Kitty and Tater came into my life about five years ago, through C., a friend of a friend. C. had a lot of cats to adopt out and not much time. Tater was the one C. wanted to keep, yet Tater also has a sweet bond with Momma Kitty. Since Momma Kitty was allegedly “hard to place” after a few failed adoption attempts, C. decided to adopt Momma Kitty and Tater out to me as a set. This was clearly the correct decision, as the bond between the two is quite remarkable.

I had not planned to adopt another pet at this time, as I’d lost two amazing cats (brother and sister) a few years ago. Since the first two had found me, I figured my next cat or cats would have to find me as well. Turns out when I opened C.’s picture of Tater, I found myself looking at a “mash-up” of my last two cats. Taking that as a suitable sign, I adopted Momma Kitty and Tater. The rest is comic history.

Actually, there’s a lot more comic history to be told. Come back and visit from time to time and you’ll find the answers to such pressing questions as “What other names do the cats have?”, “How did Momma Kitty and Tater originally bond?” and of course the always-asked “How much do they weigh?”

OK, I lied about the last one. I will not be revealing weights as this isn’t the place for thin/fat politics and discourse. I will say, though, that unlike MY cats, chances are some of ya’lls cats are REALLY fat! As in obese. I’m not trying to fat shame your cat or anything; I’m just sayin’ it’s one thing to allow your body to deteriorate into bad health and an entirely different thing to deliberately produce that deteriorated condition in another living creature.

In the meantime, enjoy these…

Quick Facts

  • Both cats have at least six toes on their front paws, maybe more for Momma Kitty.
  • Tater got her name when C. caught her red-handed with a small potato in her mouth. After I adopted Tater, a banana mysteriously traveled from my kitchen to my basement one night. I was unable to obtain a confession from Tater despite extensive interrogation. The case remains open.
  • Momma Kitty is a cat of many colors. When the light hits her fur just right, you can actually see reds, blues, greens and purples in her coat. Don’t believe me? Check her tail and back legs again in that picture. She actually changes color with the light, like a weird furry chameleon.


  • They rarely clean their face with the typical paw lick/face swipe method. Instead they regularly lick each other’s hard to get face, neck and ear spots. It’s quite adorable to watch as they take turns, sometimes firmly holding the other down to do so. And since you’ve been looking at the picture, be aware it was taken trying to capture one of those grooming moments. Cats being cats, of course, they took exception to the sudden appearance of a camera. Look carefully though and you’ll see Momma Kitty still has her left paw on Tater.
  • The best estimate is that Momma Kitty has had at least 19 kittens in her life.
  • Tater was the runt of her last litter and the seventh as well, making her the odd one out in the nipple race. C. wisely noted this and regularly moved Tater’s fat brother away for a while so Tater could get her time in. Tater has grown up nicely, now displaying the same massive front paws and legs as Momma Kitty.